“In this life, we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa
Slab built plate “Fresh Fish” The only fish who love the transformation of the kiln! Lisa Codella for Coastal Mojo.

In a world where everything you can imagine is only a shopping cart and a click away, why on Earth do some of us choose to make things by hand? Why do some people still see and appreciate the value in the tiny imperfections that differentiate the uniqueness of the handmade item and set it apart from the cookie-cutter sameness of the mass-produced? I believe there is a primal connection that we all crave that is brought out in our innate connection with handmade crafts. Each unique. Each perfected by its inherent imperfections. Each bearing a simplicity that calls to us.

Don’t get me wrong – there are some things whose machine-tooled value I celebrate. Medical equipment? Check! My trusty car? Check! This computer? Check! Some products would be impractical or out of our reach if we had to rely on them being hand tooled solely by artisans and craftsmen.

But when given the choice to own a uniquely handmade item or a machine-cloned product, so many of us sense and see the difference. Maybe it’s a subliminal reminder that we are each perfect as we are, warts and all? Maybe it’s a mental oasis from the pressure of perfection we are bombarded with from moment to moment? I don’t know what it is that draws us in, but I do know that when I am engaged in creating, each piece is born out of my desire to bring joy and connection to the giver and receiver. To remind us of our bond to nature. To celebrate our uniqueness by sharing our unique gifts with those around us. This is why I chose “More Than A Souvenir” as the rallying cry for Coastal Mojo.

Whether through pottery, paper or paint, I hope that what comes out of my studio brings a smile to your heart and home and acts as a reminder that we are all connected.

Thank you for supporting local artists and artisans! We do it for you and couldn’t continue doing it without you.


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